Microsoft: The Lumia 635 can be a far better deal with a new iPhone

Removed from become a high-end offering, the Nokia Lumia 635 is among the cheapest 4. 5-inch smartphones that you may currently buy inside the US. This, however, doesn’t stop Microsoft from pitting it against Apple’s iPhone, suggesting the Lumia 635 represents a far better deal.

Lumia 635 can be a far better deal with a new iPhone

Nokia USA’ Twitter account (and that is now managed by Microsoft, and ought to be rebranded soon) recently posted an image showing the Lumia 635 next to some “competitor mobile phone” that costs $700 - it’s quite simple to guess (by watching it) the fact that is definitely an iPhone. Besides the Lumia 635 itself, which may be bought as low as $100, Microsoft says you may also get various accessories - such as a Nokia Lumia Tag, a Nokia Portable Wireless Speaker, a portable US charger, and much more - so you still pay way lower than for the iPhone. Plus, you’re getting freebies like Xbox games and Microsoft Office Mobile.

The image (seen below) was posted alongside the question “Can you tell us that is the better deal? ;) ” - notice the suggestive wink at the conclusion. In fact, for customers who simply can’t afford to pay out an excessive amount for any smartphone, the Lumia 625 is really a terrific deal. However, the handset just can’t be compared to some new iPhone specs-wise (and neither to any Android flagship, even), so it truly is more difficult to imagine that users who usually spend handsome profit on handsets would consider acquiring a Lumia 635 as their main phone.